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Harmony and Incongruity



Everything that happens around us is continuously in evolution and motion that transforms to something else. We notice how many different faces reality has. 

Harmony and incongruity is a project that has two appearances.


The first appearance of the project includes at the top and largest part, incongruity.

These three symbols, energy, wealth, and authority, coexist in an abstract complex of lines, and drawn mechanical elements. The smaller bottom part has harmony that is symbolized by the painted nature. 


The second appearance (projection) has incongruity at the top part, where the human symbol (i.e. shoe) suppresses the donkey that embodies nature. 

The bottom part shows the coexistence between human and nature. 



Project description:


Construction from wood and canvas brings in the surface pictures taken from the everyday life.

The construction contains a timer, as a secret mechanism that provides two settings: 

The one setting is when the lights of the room are turned on, and the lights of the construction itself are off.


 The second setting is when the lights of the room are turned off by the timer, and the lights of the construction come on. 


The final result is that the first picture transforms to a second different picture with the use of light. 




195cm x 195cm x 9cm



Acrylics, charcoal, pastel, acrylic markers, lamps, timer, wood



The project appears like an installation in a room. Operates electrically, and requires space to be exhibited on its own. 


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